Let’s go to Portugal! Along the Alentejo portuguese west coast to discover the Vicentin Route. The Atlantic Ocean will roar next to us and possibly we will see the endless fields full of wild flowers. This great walking route, which takes almost 340 km go through one of the beautiest and best preserved coastal lines of Europe.

Two ways in the Rota Vicentina

The “Historical Way” has 230 km, is the longest way and goes from Santiago do Cacém to Cabo San Vicente. It is a rural itinerary that goes through forest paths and charming historical towns and villages full of history.

Rota Vicentina in Portugal : Historical Way

The “Fishermen Way” (Trilho dos pescadores) goes always next to the ocean, you will walk along the beaches access and traditional boats.

Discover the Trilho dos Pescadores in Rota Vicentina

Each stage is no longer than 20 km for you to be able to complete it in one day. It is a self- guided tour so you will walk on your own peace.

Coastal landscapes

In the way you will enjoy the sceneries and the surprises of the nature for example the flowers in the fields, the smell of the grass early in the morning or the colorful butterflies.

Rota Vicentina in Portugal : stunning landscapes


The monumental heritage and gastronomy are musts for the walkers. Visit every monument you come across and taste the delicious gastronomy of the region, seafood, fresh fish are noted dishes of the Alentejo and Algarve gastronomy.

Gastronomy in the Rota Vicentina : octopus

Other activities

Besides walking, you will have time to stop one day to make a different activity as surf, or a relaxed day in one of the Rota Vicentina’s desertic beach.

Rota Vicentina in Portugal: surfing activities

Rota Vicentina in Portugal: surfing activities

Rivers are also a good option to avoid the high temperartures in the summer.

Discover the rivers at Rota Vicentina ©Rota Vicentina

Discover the rivers at Rota Vicentina ©Rota Vicentina

Of course these are just some glimpses of the Rota Vicentina and you can count on Spain Incoming as your Incoming Tour operator to take you there and organize you the best trip along this amazing coast.