In Spain Incoming, your incoming travel agency for Spain and Portugal. The Camino de Santiago is our flagship. We organized and brought pilgrims from all over the world since 2001.  After travelling thousands of kilometers and doing the Camino thousands of times, we have learned some of the most important tricks to make the best of your Camino de Santiago. Today we share with you the best tips for reaching Santiago de Compostela successfully.

Before starting the Way of St. James

Tips for a successful Camino

Tips for a successful Camino de Santiago

The Camino means a physical effort, you will face long stages on different types of terrain. Therefore, we recommend you a previous training in order to be fully prepared for your pilgrimage adventure.

How should you focus your workouts? Our recommendation is to take long walks least two months before starting the Camino. Moreover, you have to increase the distance and complexity of your walk progressively. Remember that it is better doing it right not fast!

Another of our recommendations is to visit a physiotherapist. A visit before starting your training will let you know how your muscles are and what you can improve during your training. It will also teach you how to stretch before, during and after each stage.

  • Feet care

    Feet care

    Feet care

Do not use for the first-time hiking shoes during the Camino.

The best thing you can do is train with the shoes that you will take to the trip. This is one of the most important tips for the Camino. Your shoes will walk with all the way and training with them will avoid unnecessary injuries.

If you want to know more about which shoes to choose and the tips for feet care, read: Camino de Santiago: feet care

  • Your bag

    Tips for a successful Camino - backpack

    Tips for a successful Camino – backpack

First of all, we transfer your luggage between stages to your accommodations. So, you do not have to carry extra weight. Even so, if you want to walk with a backpack, remember that it should never exceed 10% of your weight.

The best option is to carry a small backpack from stage to stage with the most essential items:

  • Water
  • a shirt
  • spare shoes
  • swimsuit
  • sun cream
  • glasses
  • raincoat
  • plaster
  • fruit
  • your documentation …

Walking the Way

Walking the Camino

Walking the Camino

Once you have everything ready, it is time to walk or cycle the Camino de Santiago! Do not be afraid, we ensure you that you will live an incredible experience!

  • Clothing

It is clear that you have to wear comfortable clothing.  Choose clothes made with fast-drying and breathable fabrics.

Protect your skin and eyes from the sun. You will face long walks in which you will be fully exposed, so we advise you to take with you: sunscreen to avoid skin burns, sunglasses and a hat.

  • Food and drink

    Tips for a successful Camino - Lunch

    Tips for a successful Camino – Lunch

Along the Camino you will find a wide range of gastronomic offer but while you walk you need to avoid overeating. It is better to recover your strength at dinner.

An energetic breakfast based on dairy products, cereals, fruit and proteins is waiting for you every morning. Getting enough energy to face the stage is an essential tip.

  • During the stages

A good picnic in the shade of a good tree will be enough. But while you walk, you have to drink water and eat fruit or nuts. We offer you the picnic service you in case you request it.

  • Dinner

After a good shower, dinner will be one of these moments to relax. Enjoy the typical flavors of Spain and Portugal!

  • Breaks

It is not advisable to make large stops. It is best to rest in the shade during 10-15 minutes.

  • Respect

    Camino Clean

    Camino Clean

Do not through dirt the Camino, carry with you a bag in which to keep waste that you generate while walking. It helps keep the Camino clean.

Do not pull up plants, flowers our write you name in your path. The Camino is a cultural heritage that we all must care and respect it.

The Camino de Santiago is the perfect place to meet new people but always remember to respect the other pilgrims and accommodations and restaurants’ staff that you find in your path.

After each stage


Tips for a successful Camino

Tips for a successful Camino

Remember everything that your physiotherapist recommended you during your training. And do not forget:

  • Before each stage: make a stretching table to prevent injuries.
  • During each stage: stretching and exercises legs, neck and back.
  • After each stage: relax muscles and stretch. A foot massage and a shower will help you.

There are some of the tips to enjoy the fullest your Camino. If you need more details do not hesitate to contact us!