Let yourself be seduced by the Canary Islands

El Hierro, La Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canary, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote; revel in the authenticity of their towns, villages and traditions. Seven spectacular islands that are very different from each other and have a prominent volcanic origin and impressive beaches. The friendly locals and the excellent leisure and avant-garde accommodation options will turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.

El Hierro, the island bathed by transparent shores where diving enthusiasts come each year from all over the world to photograph one of the best sea beds on the planet. Relax and rest in this tiny corner of the Atlantic, which is laden with nature.

La Palma is the so-called Isla bonita, the pretty island. Its countryside is almost virgin and offers landscapes of great beauty. La Palma is the green island with a multitude of colours under one of the best skies in the world for observing the night sky. It is home to some of the most important astrophysical observatories in the northern hemisphere.

La Gomera is a natural jewel. That is how you will describe this island when you get back home. Your imagination will have to try hard to describe its landscapes, especially the leafy forest made up of species that disappeared elsewhere in the world millions of years ago but that have survived on this island for your enjoyment.

Two World Heritage Sites, one National Reserve and 42 protected natural areas are some of the treasures to be discovered on Tenerife, the “island where it is always spring”.

Tenerife is the largest island on the Canary Archipelago; more than half of it is protected and it has more than 40 listed areas of environmental interest. The most famous is the exceptional El Teide National Park, one of the four Canary Island parks and the most visited in Spain.  The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is thought to be the second most popular and internationally famous carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Indeed, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a sister city of Rio de Janeiro for this reason.

A “miniature continent”. That is Gran Canary, with its incredible variety of landscapes and unique microclimates. You’ll also be able to enjoy intense city life on the island thanks to its capital city, which has one of the best climates in the world. It is also cosmopolitan and full of life, offering everything you can imagine. Think of long, virgin beaches with white sand. On a coast bathed by the calm, transparent waters of the ocean that invite you to relax in suggestive intimacy. You will find nowhere better than Fuerteventura for surfing the turquoise sea and riding the wind.


Discover the magic of Lanzarote; visit its spectacular volcanic landscapes, which seem to belong to distant worlds, where the heat inside the Earth still finds its way to the surface. Relax on the quiet white-sand beaches and take a dip in the transparent water. Enjoy the incredible views of the small islands that can be seen from the cliffs.
The fortunate islands have been given their name thanks to their constant spring climate, among other reasons. This favourable climate, which is excellent for health and well-being, can be seen in the kindness of the local inhabitants and the many foreigners who have chosen the location as a second home in winter.
The Canary Islands are ideal for hiking and outdoor activities thanks to the lie of the land. Each island has a good number of very interesting routes.
Canary cuisine can be considered as one of the most original and cosmopolitan in Spain. Besides dishes that have obviously been inspired by the Peninsula, it has recipes that could be considered Latin American or African, as well as creations that are completely local and original. Thanks to the islands’ privileged climate, the fruit and vegetables and the fish caught off its rich coasts, Canary cuisine is both

succulent and light at the same time. Their best-known dishes, thanks to their genius and simplicity, include papas arrugadas, which are served with mojo picón, a spicy sauce made of oil, garlic, chilli and paprika. The island’s local fishing means that its gastronomy offers a good number of fish and seafood dishes in the most varied forms of international cuisine. Here, the Canary Islands also offer visitors very tasty local dishes that include fish stews, Sancocho canario, which is made with salted fish in a dip sauce.

The fantastic exotic fruit that grows on the islands is also a natural part of many delicious desserts. This is the case of the banana, which grows in abundance on the islands and has an exquisite taste.

Canary wines have a long-standing tradition and were mentioned by Shakespeare in his literature. In particular, the traditional-method Malmsey wine from Lanzarote, the Taraconte Reds in Tenerife and the less well-known but by no means less tasty wines of El Hierro and La Palma. And to complete the selection of “bottled pleasures”, visitors should not leave the islands before trying their original and delicious rum and honey-rum.




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