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  • +5.689 m-6.119 m | 12 stages |305 km | Average 25 km per day
    I do like landscapes and want to catch every single moment.
    This option includes transfers and rest days: you can decide on spot whether to take a rest or do a loop tour.
    It avoids the most challenging uphill sections, so you can cycle gentile across fertile valleys.
    Do not forget to bring your camera to show your friends you visited one of the most authentic destinations.
    You will have time to enjoy light lunches in fishing villages where the seafood plays the main role.
    Is this route for me? Please feel free to contact us!

  • +6.176 m-6.198 m | 8 stages |305 km | Average 38 km per day
    I am fit enough to achieve this route, but I do not want to face strenuous stages.
    This route covers the most iconic spots like the “bench of Loiba”, considered the best “bench of the World”.
    A perfect combination between uphill and downhill sections, but it is worth the effort. The views are superb!
    Our very detailed GPS-Tracks will take you to natural belvederes where you will admire the dramatic Galician coastline.
    Enjoy your picnic-lunch at the iconic capes of Ortegal and Bares.
    E-bike or trekking bike? Up to you, contact us and we will assist you.

  • +7.158 m-7.180 m | 7 stages |335 km | Average 47 km per day
    Our most challenging proposal for the Camino del Mar
    Ideal for those who do not want to miss a single meter of this special itinerary.
    We include additional routes to the most hidden tarmac roads with incredible views in this itinerary’s option.
    Do not forget your bathing costume to take a swim in deserted Atlantic beaches
    Trekking bike, mountain bike or e-bike, what is your preference?
    Contact us for our Premium Carbon Mountain Bike or road bikes.




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