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  • Day 01: Arrival at the airport of Barcelona. We travel to a pretty hotel in the historical centre of Barcelona, very close to the Picasso Museum and the church of Santa María del Mar. We will enjoy a Mediterranean dinner and walk around the charming area of the Gothic Quarter.

  • Day 02: We will dedicate our morning to the genius Gaudí, visiting the beautiful houses he designed in different locations in the city. We will pay particular attention to his masterpiece, the Sacred Family and Güell Park. In the afternoon, we will have time to visit other places in the city, such as the Picasso Museum; we will also be able to experience the Mediterranean atmosphere that lends itself to the city, enjoying a walk around its Olympic port and beaches.

  • Day 03: Our first stop is the Monastery of El Poblet, surrounded by vineyards that belong to the Conca del Barberà designation of origin. In Saragossa, we will visit the Basilica of El Pilar and the Palace of La Alfajería, an example of Hispanic-Moslem architecture. We travel to Pamplona, stopping off at the historical village of Tudela on the way, the ‘lunar’ landscape of Las Bardenas Reales and the imposing castle of Olite, the most important work by Carlos III. When we arrive at Pamplona, we will stay in the city centre and have free time to walk around the streets before dinner.

  • Day 04: A local guide will show us the typical places in the city, including the cathedral and the streets along which the famous ‘Sanfermines’ bull-running takes place. We travel to Roncesvalles, which is one step away from France in the Pyrenees. We will have the chance to feel like real pilgrims, walking a few kilometres through peaceful mountain countryside. We will pay particular attention to the legends of the Way of St James and the well-conserved Pyrenean architecture.

  • Day 05: Today, we will taste the wines of La Rioja, whose lands stretch through the autonomous communities of La Rioja and the Basque Country. We will visit the city of Logroño, the cathedral and Calle Laurel, with typical bars in which we can enjoy the rich local gastronomy. We will travel to Laguardia, which is in the Basque Country, and visit an underground winery to taste some wine. We will travel through the countryside dominated by wine. At the end of the day, we will arrive at the city of Bilbao, where gastronomy is an art.

  • Day 06: In the morning, we will visit the Guggenheim Museum, by Frank Gehry. We will visit the interior and exterior and see how it has been perfectly integrated in the urban landscape of the estuary of Bilbao. We will then travel to San Sebastián, a beautiful city on the shores of the Cantabrian and famous for the era when spas were popular in Spain. We will walk up El Monte Igueldo and walk along the beautiful Paseo de la Concha and around the Old Port before returning to Bilbao, where we bid our farewell to this holiday with a dinner of pintxos.

  • Day 07: After breakfast, we travel to the airport of Bilbao and that marks the end of our services.




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