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  • Day 01: We welcome you in the agreed place in Santiago in the morning. We soon reach the countryside around the Arousa estuary. We dedicate today to seafood and have a schedule with interesting visits and activities: we will gain first-hand experience of the art of shellfishing, from collecting the shellfish to processing it at a local canning factory. We will sail to a shellfish platform to learn how mussels, oysters and scallops are bred. We will have time to travel to islands such as Arousa, with busy ports, lighthouses and woods surrounded by beaches. At the end of the day, we return to a charming hotel in the centre of O Salnés.

    We will enjoy a lunch of tapas and have dinner at the hotel, with a tasting menu based on Galician products washed down with succulent Albariño wine.

  • Day 02: The wine world awaits, in particular, the fruity white wine of the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin: Albariño. We will walk around the vineyards and learn about the trained vine system. Inside the wineries (one modern and one traditional winery) we will understand why this white wine is so successful. We will also enjoy the architecture of the pazos (Galician country houses) and travel to Rubianes, enjoying a stroll around the gardens and seeing the camellias. Here, we end our visit to the Rías Baixas with lunch before setting off for Santiago. We will stay at a charming hotel where stone is art and have time to relax before dinner.

  • Day 03: Today we put all we have learned into practice. We will wander around the busy market of Santiago: A Praza de Abastos, which offers visitors a world of tastes and flavours. We do our shopping with the help of our chef and choose products related to everything we have experienced on our trip to Rías Baixas. We then travel to the kitchens at the Centro Superior de Hostelería de Galicia, which is the flagship of Galician gastronomy and a training centre for top chefs. We will carefully start to create a menu made up of the products we have bought at the market. Our menu will undoubtedly taste of food from the sea and estuaries, together with other Galician products. We will wash lunch down with wine from the wineries we visited, remembering everything we experienced as we drink. Following a pleasant after-lunch chat, we will award the diplomas to complete the cookery course. After the course, transfer to the hotel where we bid farewell and leave you the rest of the day to enjoy the city on your own.

  • Day 04: After breakfast, end of our services.




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