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  • +4.669 m-4.662 m | 8 stages |216 km | Average 26 km per day
    This is the most pleasant option, but no panic! You will not miss any highlight of the area
    Pack your lunch and just choose one of the incredible coastal spots to enjoy it
    Admire the siloutte of the lighthouses at your own pace.
    Follow quiet country roads and discover hidden sandy beaches
    Optional tours could take you to impressive cliffs
    Discover the peaceful atmosphere in authentic fishing villages

  • +4.588 m-4586 m | 5 stages |207 km | Average 41 km per day
    If you consider yourself in good shape, this is your tour.
    In five stages you will have the chance to reach almost every point of the route.
    When not, you will have the chance to make your cycling day even longer
    Sometimes your hotel is off the road, you may need to cycle 5 extra km
    Cycling along local roads but you will also use well-trodden trails.
    Do not forget to try the outstanding seafood

  • +4.718 m-4716 m | 3 stages |223 km | Average 74 km per day
    I am really fit and this is definitively my route.
    Challenging stages throught a dramatic landscape await you.
    Or do it with our e-bike or even with our road bike. Just ask us!
    You will reach every corner, loop, lighthouse or beach of this itinerary.
    Rest at comfortable small hotels facing the sea.
    Do not worry, even with 74 km each day you will have time to see everything!




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