The Rota Vicentina runs along 450 km of the southwest Portuguese coast between Lisbon and the Algarve. The 450 km are divided between two paths: Caminho Historco and Trilho dos Pescadores, as well as several circular paths. Here we tell you more about this route in the southern coast of Portugal with the Atlantic Ocean.

Tours in Portugal: walking the Rota Vicentina

Once you decide to walk the Rota Vicentina, you will enjoy two different routes: the path of the Caminho Histórico (Historical Way) and Trilho dos Pescadores (Fishermen Way).

You will be amazed to see the succession of landscapes: sea, mountain, beautiful villages… Moreover, this route is unique since the contact with local people is a continuous. No matter how route you will walk, both runs along small and unique villages.

Rota Vicentina Map ©Josegranja

Map of the Rota Vicentina

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Caminho Historico

The Rota Vicentina passes through a part of the Caminho Historico where you can enjoy the rural essence of Portugal.

The starting point is Santiago do Cacém and the stages don’t have much difficulty. In broad strokes, stages run through forest of cork oak, alder tree, fertile fields or arid valleys… And even mountains from where you can see the ocean in the distance … This is the landscape until reaching the northernmost point … the cape of San Vicente.

Odeceixe Village

Caminho Historico – Odeceixe Village

Walking or cycling

The Rota Vicentina following the Caminho Historico also is cyclable. In fact, bikesr lovers defined it as spectacular route. This itinerary is part of the GR 11/09 that connects Sagres with St. Petersburg.

Trilho dos Pescadores

Trilho dos Pescadores

Rota Vicentina – Trilho dos Pescadores

If you choose to enjoy the Rota Vicentina through El Trilho dos Pescadores you can enjoy it only on foot. This path runs through South West Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park. As it is in the middle of nature and protected area; it is very important to follow the path as indicated.

Walking route

The route runs mostly along coastal areas, with large sandy beaches, and dune areas, and sometimes cliffs so is not recommended for people suffering from vertigo. It is not possible by bicycle it and the stages have a greater degree of difficulty.

Marked Walking route

Route marks, Rota Vicentina

Route Marks

The Caminho Historico uses the symbology of the Great Route (GR) trails the red and white lines, while the Trilho dos Pescadores uses the green and blue lines. In any of the options, signaling is adequate, and visible.

The best season is…

This route can be walked or cycled in any season. We recommend that you avoid summer since temperatures can be high, the beaches are full of bathers and the accommodations usually require a minimum stay. For the rest, the southwest coast of Portugal enjoys a benevolent climate, with a very pleasant spring and autumn.


Services Rota Vicentina


Since the route runs through natural landscapes, you won’t always find catering services. Therefore, you need to prepare a lunch! There are local stores with fresh products from the region, in this way you contribute to the development of local commerce. Once you have reached the end of the stage, you can enjoy the cuisine: fish and shellfish, roasted meats … and the Alentejo wines.

Book your tour in Portugal, the Rota Vicentina are waiting for you!! We take organise your trip through this impressive route so you can enjoy the Atlantic between Lisbon and Cabo San Vicente.

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