If you want to do the Camino a bit more slowly than most people do it, you can do it. Spain Incoming, as your incoming agency travel, we offer you the possibility of doing the Camino in shorter daily distances. Join to the Slow Camino!

Today, more pilgrims decide to walk shorter distances and be more relaxed about it. The reasons could vary, some people don’t have time to prepare and train for.

Don’t worry what the reason is, the important think is that you can adapt the distance of the Camino to you and take the Camino at your own pace, it is not a race!

Slow Travel … Slow Camino de Santiago?

The way of saint james

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Firstly, we will see what is the origin of the “slow movement“. The “slow” movement was born in Italy in the late 80’s rejecting the fast food. People claimed the return to traditional and local food.

Gradually the movement was worldwide expanded and not only in relation to fast food. It became a way of life, living without haste, calmly, learning to re-taste leisurely life and relearning to enjoy each moment.

Today, the concept of slow travel is getting stronger. Traveling without hurry and enjoying each place, the landscape, the flavors of the local food, the smells of the streets, the spices, the flora of the place, the customs and traditions… We also follow the slow movement, the slow Camino de Santiago. We encourage you to travel enjoying the landscape, culture, food… Collecting special moments and experiences, anecdotes and personal stories instead of postcards.


The Way of St James


Doing the Way of St. James in shorter stages is easier if you decide to walk the French Way. On the Camino Francés the infrastructure is perfect to do short distances and to go as slow as you like. Some of the less popular Caminos will have fewer options in terms of hotels and hostels like the Vía de la Plata or the Camino Primitivo.

Moreover, we recommend you walk without backpack or with a small one and sent your bag ahead every morning using our transport services. In this way, walking will be easier.

On the other hand, we suggest taking breaks at least every 2-3 hours, stop to take photos, enjoy the views… and walking around 10 km a day or even less, often in silent meditation.

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Remember that stages of the Camino are not set in stone and you can go as far you comfortably can each day.

Write us and tell us your preferences and dates, we will send you our service proposal at no cost.

We offer you a pilgrimage, full of contemplation and hopefully since there is too much to enjoy and too many wonderful people to meet!

Trust us! Buen slow Camino!