Pilgrims have been walking the Camino for centuries, following the many paths to Santiago de Compostela. Nowadays there are several reasons why people decide to do the Camino: spiritual reasons, for the beauty of it heritage and nature, cultural reasons, to be fit, to share the experience with other pilgrims… And there are also different ways to complete it: by foot, cycling or on horseback.

How do you want to peregrinate to Santiago de Compostela?

One of the aims for doing the Camino is to gain “The Compostela”, this document is the traditional certificate given to pilgrims since 13th century once they finished the Camino. You will be only eligible for it once you complete at least 100 km of the Camino on foot or on horseback, or at least 200 km cycling. And how are you going to show proof your Camino? Very easy! With the Peregrino Credential, this serves as a certification in applying for your “Compostela” at the Cathedral of Santiago. It works as a passport, you will write your details and you are required to stamp it at least twice per day. If you walk the Camino for cultural or non-religious/spiritual reasons, do not worry, you can receive a Certificate of Distance, which shows details about your trip like: your starting point, number of kilometers covered, dates and the route of the pilgrimage.

The Camino by foot

How do you want to peregrinate to Santiago de Compostela?

If you choose to walk the Camino you will have to go over at least 100km before your arrival to Santiago de Compostela to obtain the certificate. Walking the Camino is a lifetime experience. If it is your first time doing The Saint James Way, the French Way is the first choice for pilgrims. It is the most famous one and you will find a lot of services and people along the way. In case you have already done it, you can choose between the many other Caminos like Portuguese WayNorth WayVía de la Plata to arrive to Santiago.

The Camino by bike

Camino Santiago

The number of people doing the Camino by bike is growing every year. If this is your choice, you have take into consideration that 200 km are the minimum you have to ride to get the “Compostela”. We recommend taking the less crowded paths to cycle the Camino. Running into less walking pilgrims means an easier, continuous and more pleasant route. Do not forget to do a training plan and get use to ride your bike some months before you start. Some parts of the way can be hard if you are not used to!

The Camino on horseback

How do you want to peregrinate to Santiago de Compostela?

Besides walking, one of the oldest ways to make the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is on horseback. On the other hand, for the daring ones, modern ways to do the Camino are coming up like the Camino on Segway. Even for those with some kind of disability options are arising and many associations are putting a lot of efforts and resources together to make the routes as accessible as possible to everybody.

You just have to choose one of the Caminos and the method that suits you better and the Spain Incoming team will be glad to make your experience easier.  We offer you comfortable accommodationbaggage transport and support during the trip. We are here to make your Camino a wonderful experience!

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