When we walk the Camino de Santiago or any other walking route is very important to bring with you just the basic belongings. We advise against bringing a heavy bag /suitcase. Please take into consideration that if you travel with Spain Incoming you bags will be transfer from one accommodation to the other between stages. During your stages, you will just need a small bag with the basic essentials to face your daily stage. Let us make a list of what to pack for the Camino.

What to pack for the Camino – a must list : 




  • ID /Passport
  • Health insurance card
  • Credit card and some cash
  • The pilgrims’ credential
  • All the important documents that Spain Incoming will provide you with the all the details to face and correctly follow the Camino without surprises during stages


The less clothes the better and the one you choose must be really comfortable and breathable:

  • Tees: the trekking ones that have quick dry and seamless
  • Socks: we recommend the trekking ones that avoid blisters
  • A cap
  • A small raincoat
  • A comfortable pair of pants or knee -zippers ones.
  • Clothes for dinners out during stages


  • Trekking shoes: They with the Camino shoes is never wear shoes. You can use trekking shoes or trainers in summer but you must train with them before you start your Camino. Depending on the Camino you choose you should train yourself walking beforehand for weeks with the chosen shoes.
  • Flip flops or clogs for relaxing your feet after the shower.


Personal hygiene:

  • When we organize your Camino you will be sleeping in hotels, manor houses, rural tourism houses or other available accommodation that provides all the basic items like towels, soap and shampoo in every room. You can bring you beauty bag and we will transfer it from hotel to hotel and for your daily walk a small package of wipes would enough if necessary.


A reusable and light bottle. You can refill it in the public drinking fountains along the Camino (please pay attention – they may say in Spanish “Agua potable (drinkable water)


A small first-aid kit with:

  • Blasters
  • Gauzes
  • Products for small blisters
  • Mosquito repellent and mosquito lotion in case of bites
  • Sun cream to avoid burns
  • All the necessary prescribed medication


  • Sunglasses
  • Bag tags
  • Small camera
  • Pen and document folder
  • Phone charges
  • Walking sticks

And of course, the Pilgrim sell! Do not forget yours!


With this basic list and our documents and 24/7 assistance you will be ready to enjoy your Camino de Santiago, the rest will be organized by us so you just have to worry about enjoying the Magic of this centenary route! Which one will you choose?