Pilgrims walking or cycling the Camino have an extra joy when reaching Galicia: the Camino Summer festivities Galicia, in the Green Spain , are for all kind of taste: gastronomic, cultural or religious character. Annually, August is the month with the most events because the good temperatures invite to celebrate!

Discover Camino with some festivities in Galicia

If you are going to experience the Way of Saint James on these dates, we are about to tell you about some interesting events that you will have the chance to run into. Get ready to discover the Camino summer festivities in Galicia. Joy and fun for all tastes and preferences.

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Octopus gastronomic festival in O Carballiño – Ourense



In the first weeks of August in the inland municipality of O Carballiño, in Ourense celebrates this event. Curious that an inland village hosts a festival of exaltation of a product such as octopus!

That is one of the biggest secrets of Galicia: go inland to find the best octopus! This gastronomic festival attracts more than 80,000 people every year who come to savor one of the most traditional recipes of gastronomy: octopus “a la gallega”, also called octopus á feira.

This celebration has its origin in the 17th century, when the coastal town of Marin in Pontevedra, delivered to the friars of inland Ourense products such as lamb, chickens and seafood. Among this list of products, there was the octopus, very abundant in the Galician coasts, mainly in the Rías Baixas. To manage the large quantities of octopus, friars have to sell the product to neighboring lands: O Carballiño.

The Octopus Festival of O Carballiño is one of the most famous gastronomic festivals in Galicia, usually held from the end of July to the middle of August, so if you are a pilgrim along Vía de la Plata do not hesitate to take a small detour to O Carballiño for enjoying this great culinary experience.

Maruxaina, Cervo-Mariña Lucense

A Mariña Lucense

A Mariña Lucense

For those enjoying the Northern Camino in Summer in Galicia will have the chance to enjoy the Maruxaina festivity.

Every second Saturday of August, Cervo celebrates this particular festivity in the coast of Lugo.  It gets its name due to the protagonist of the curious legend of this fishing village.

According to the legend, on the Farallóns island lived half fish half woman creature who played a horn. As they say, it did it to deceive the sailors to shipwreck on the island, or on the other hand to warn of the approach of a storm.

This creature and its legend are present among the inhabitants of Cervo who celebrate the “Maruxaina” festivity every year, from the first rays of the sun to the early hours of the next morning. Everybody dresses as sailors, and they meet in the main square to later walk the town’s streets playing different instruments, such as the Galician bagpipe or the horn. Then they head to the beach to eat and enjoy traditional games.

Camino summer festivities in Galicia - enjoy a Queimada

Camino summer festivities in Galicia – enjoy a Queimada

The Maruxaina figure arrives at night and it is brought by the neighbors from the island. Then, they performed a trial in which the neighbors decide whether to burn the figure or forgive it.   It is always pardoned and then they celebrate it with a great party drinking “queimada” and music in Plaza dos Campos square.

Festivities of San Roque, Betanzos, A Coruña



The celebrations of San Roque take place in Betanzos between the 14th and the 25th of August.

A great variety of activities fill Betanzos with good atmosphere:

  • Music and food
  • The romeria of “Xiras dos Caneiros
  • Launching the balloon

During the Xira dos Caneiros romeria, the Mandeo River fills with small boats to transport anyone who wants to enjoy this pilgrimage to the countryside in the highest part of the estuary, where the pilgrims celebrate the day with music, food and drink.

Moreover, they also every year they launch a balloon, a nice way to remember the practice of the 19th century; period in which the celebrations in Spain were influenced by oriental practices.

The English Way runs through Betanzos, an occasion to enjoy the Way of Saint James and the Galician culture, in addition to trying famous omelette of Betanzos!

Feira Franca, medieval fair in Pontevedra

Summer festivities in Galicia- go back to medieval times!

Summer festivities in Galicia- go back to medieval times!

The first weekend of September, Pontevedra celebrates its medieval fair “Feira Franca”. During two days, the city goes back to the fifteen centuries.

Thus, every year this great festival brings visitors from all over Spain and everybody dresses as medieval. Pontevedra fills its streets with handicrafts and gastronomic products.

In addition, there is an excellent program of shows, performances and concerts. A perfect plan if you are walking or cycling the Portuguese Way!

San Froilán, Lugo

Summer festivities in Galicia- enjoy traditional music

Summer festivities in Galicia- enjoy traditional music

One of the main stops of the Primitive Way , the roman city of Lugo, honors San Froilán in October during 2 weeks.

Many activities and concerts as well as religious events in honor to the patron saint take place. Moreover, kids have their own program called “Froilanciño”.

On the last Sunday of San Froilán , “Domingo das Mozas” takes place, an exaltation of Galician folklore and traditional costumes.

In general, the streets that house the World Heritage Roman Wall get full of parties, crafts and gastronomy.

Summer festivities in Galicia- enjoy Galician gastronomy

Summer festivities in Galicia- enjoy Galician gastronomy

As you can see, you will find endless Summer festivities in Galicia, and even more in summer!

Galicia enjoys festivals not only in summer, find your gastronomic, medieval, musical festivals throughout the whole year , without forgetting the famous carnival “entroido”.

Choose your tour with Spain Incoming and enjoy a Summer Galician fiestivity, you can contact us if you have any doubt, as your Incoming touroperator in Spain, we organize your trip with all you may need in order to offer you the best options: Do not you think it is a good idea to combine, for example, your Camino de Santiago with a party or cultural celebration?

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