Walking the Way of Saint James with children is the best option if you are searching for a different family adventure.

As we always say, the Camino de Santiago is more than a pilgrimage, it is a life experience in every sense so doing it with children could be more laborious but also an incredible event.

Thanks to our experience organizing the Camino de Santiago, in this post we make a summary of the most usual doubts about walking the Camino de Santiago with kids.

In Spain Incoming, we increasingly help more dads, moms and their children to organize their Way of Saint James; We listen to you, advise you, and organize your great family adventure to make it unique and unrepeatable.

In our first contact with families, we have detected a number of doubts:

What is the recommended age for walking Camino de Santiago?

Baby buggy

Baby buggy

There is not a minimum age to walk the Way of St James. Even so, from our experience as a travelling agency specializing in the Camino de Santiago since 2001, we advise families that kids should be at least 3 years old.

At this age, children begin to perceive the reality and to develop an awareness of the emotions. Thus, they can enjoy more of the Camino de Santiago.

Moreover, we recommend using a baby buggy, it could be very helpful both for parents and kids.

What is the most affordable route of the Way for children?

Each route of the Camino de Santiago is different, and each of them has more or less stages. We customize the stages by following your preferences and profiles.

For example, we recommend you to start the Way in Herrerías de Valcarce, passing through O Cebreiro. After 7 days of adventure, you will reach Santiago de Compostela. You will walk 15 km every day, we transfer you and  your luggage from hotel to hotel.  This Camino de Santiago tour proposal consists of walking 3-4 hours per day, but as we have said before: we customized your Way of Saint James!

Here you  have more information about 10 Camino de Santiago preferred starting points.

Which is the best season to walk the Camino de Santiago with kids?

Monte do Gozo

Monte do Gozo

In general, the best season to do the Way of Saint James is in spring or autumn due to temperatures are not extremes.  Even so, the beginning or the end of summer it is also a good period to enjoy the Jacobean route.

We advise that, in addition to consider the season, you have to take in account the route because each route runs for different area types so the weather also varies. In any case, we guide you about any question.

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Is a physical preparation required ?

Walking the Way of Saint James with children

Walking the Way of Saint James with children

It is always recommended to exercise both parents and kids. If you do not practice any type of sport or physical activity, you should walk through different types of paths during a few months before your pilgrimage.

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Could children and parents stay in the same room?

In Spain Incoming we always select the best hotels; depending on your preference we offer you connecting rooms and adjoining rooms or even sleep in the same room (maximum of 2 kids).

In addition, at our hotels you can enjoy energetic breakfasts to begin the stage of each day with strength.

Can also kids obtain the Compostela?

The Credencial & The Compostela

The Credencial & The Compostela

Once you book with us, we provide you your traveling book and tour Credential. To get the Compostela you have to stamp your Credential in each stage at least 2 times per day.

According to the Pilgrim’s Office and the Cathedral of Santiago, children who have first Communion can obtain the Compostela. Those who are preparing it, can request a certificate in their corresponding church and then present it at the Pilgrim’s Office.

You can find out more at:

The Credential, the Pilgrim’s Passport.

The pilgrims’ certificates

Is there any leisure activity along the Camino?

At the end of each stage, you will find different possibilities, from small museums or monuments to visit, to river beaches where you can enjoy a swim or doing water activities such as a canoeing.

For example, in Palas de Rei you can visit the farm “Granxa Arqueixal” where you can do eco-educational and agritourism activities with the little ones.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you organize your Camino de Santiago!

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