Galicia, north-west Spain, is one of the best hiking destination in Spain. If you love to walk, nature, culture and gastronomy, Galicia is your favorite holiday place. Discover from the popular Way of St. James to the Lighthouses route… with Spain Incoming- your incoming touroperator for Spain and Portugal.  We tell you about the most beautiful hiking routes in Galicia, find yours!

Hiking routes in Galicia: Find yours!

If you love hiking, culture, landscapes and gastronomy, here you have a brief explanation about the best hiking routes for walking lovers in Galicia. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for further information, we provide you all the details for your walking experience.

The Saint James Way

Hiking routes in Galicia- Castromaior - French Way

Hiking routes in Galicia- Castromaior – French Way

Surely, The Way of St. James or Camino de Santiago one of the most popular hiking routes of Galicia. For its importance in Europe’s developing process, the Way was declared as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO, and it is one of the most important routes of Christianity next to Rome and Jerusalem.

Nowadays, the motivations for this pilgrimage depend on each person: religious, spiritual, touristic. The importance of this itinerary is such that people from all over the world come to Spain to experience the Camino on foot, by bicycle or horseback.

There are different official routes; from the French Way to Portuguese Way, English Way or Via de la Plata.  There are different starting points for those choosing the Camino, some could cover about an entire month or others like the last 100 km of the French Way – from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela – that takes around 5-6 days to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela.

Walk to Fisterra

Hiking routes in Galicia – Walking to Fisterra

Also known as the End of the World or Land’s End, this way is also one of the official routes of the St James Way. In fact, it is like an extension of the St James routes and, in contrast to the rest of the Ways, it starts in Santiago de Compostela. In ancient times pagan pilgrims used to walk this Way to reach the End of the World in the western point the Europe.

Today, some pilgrims continue their journey after reaching the city of Santiago de Compostela, others walk directly from the city. In any case, the objective is always the same, pilgrims walk along the five stages and during 6 days to reach Fisterra, the incredible Cape over the wild Atlantic Ocean

There is also the option to visit Fisterra during 1 day:  Fisterra Excursion: the cherry of your Camino.

The Lighthouses Way

Hiking routes in Galicia - Camiño dos Faros

Hiking routes in Galicia – Camiño dos Faros

This hiking route in Galicia is known as Camiño dos Faros and it runs along the northern coastal line of Galicia called Costa da Morte (Coast of Dead).

If you love sea and land colors, we recommend you to walk the 8 stages and enjoy the picturesque landscape: forest, river, estuary, beaches…  Specifically, you will have the opportunity to know how people live in Galician fishing villages, as well as experience a journey of tranquility, peace, harmony … and the best seafood!

Here you can learn more about the first 6 stages of the Camiños dos Faros.

Walking A Mariña Lucense

Hiking routes in Galicia - Catedrais Beach

Hiking routes in Galicia – Catedrais Beach

A Mariña Lucense or the Coast of the province of Lugo is one of the best hiking routes of the northern of Galicia. A wonderful trip to know Cantabrian coast from Ribadeo, a small fishing village on the border of Asturias. After 6 days hiking, the route ends in the village of San Cibrao. In addition in Ribadeo, you also can visit the Catedrais beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of Galicia. Here, you will discover the natural rock sculpture made by the Atlantic Ocean in a landscape of cliffs.

Hiking the Rías Baixas

Hiking routes in Galicia - Vineyards and sea

Hiking routes in Galicia – Vineyards and sea

The Rías Baixas are located on southwestern coast of Galicia. The Rías Baixas consist of four estuaries which made a true paradise tinged by the blue of the sea and the green of lands. You will discover a landscape of vineyards as well as islands and white sand beaches. In fact, this route offers hidden treasures, like palaces or manor houses (called Pazos in Galician language), or the Camellia route.

You can see more about the Camellia route in Galicia.

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