If you are thinking about walking the St. James Way and you are a lover of nature, gastronomy and wine, this detour of the French Camino is your Camino. This route was walked in the middle ages to avoid the snowfall of O Cebreiro.

Undoubtedly, this is one of your best options since you will enjoy an official route of the Camino de Santiago full of secrets specially different types of wines. Indulge your steps to Santiago the Compostela with the Winter Way and wines at the same time!

Winter Way and wines with certificates of origin

The Winter Way crosses from Ponferrada nothing less than 4 Certificates of Origin in terms of wines: The D.O. del Bierzo, the D.O. Valdeorras, the D.O. Ribeira Sacra and the D.O. Rías Baixas.

El Bierzo

The Winter Way and the wine

Vineyard of El Bierzo

In El Bierzo, Castile and León, you will find the highest density of old vineyards in the world. Its meteorological, morphological and geographical conditions generate an ideal place for the cultivation. Moreover, it is one of the prestigious wines of national and international projection.

We advise you to visit one of the wine cellars and savour and understand their wines, their ways of cultivation and their history. Remember that El Bierzo is also famous for its succulent cuisine with protected quality. Dishes like the Botillo (stuffed-meat pork intestine), roasted peppers and veal are the best allies of their wines, the ideal cuisine to give the traveller the necessary energy to face the Way of Santiago de Compostela.


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Valdeorras wine

Entering Galicia, you will find the first Certificate of Origin, the Valdeorras. Its peculiar climate, drier than in the rest of Galicia and its varied soils located in an area of ​​great geographical contrast, originate wines with strong identity and recognition, even being cataloged within the best wines of Spain.

A must visit are the wine caves, where wine was traditionally made and preserved in this region. You will find them along your Way in villages such as Vilamartín or in A Rúa.

Ribeira Sacra

Ribeira Sacra

Ribeira Sacra

Once you are in Quiroga you will see a beautiful place; Romanesque architecture, nature and landscape would guide you along a Camino full of vineyards that go down the slopes of the mountain, until reaching the water of its rivers.

The unique method of cultivation of the vine carried out in this area generates the so-called heroic viticulture, referring the difficulties of working here due to conditions of the terrain.

You could not leave the Ribeira Sacra without visiting wineries where local population would tell you all about their tradition. Moreover, don’t forget enjoy their local cuisine, cross their river by boat or just stand in some of their hidden places where you will be accompanied by nature.

Rías Baixas

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Rias Baixas vineyard

Ending your Camino de Santiago you will know the Rías Baixas, where also there is the wine with the Certificate of Origin of Rías Baixas.

Who has never heard of the famous Albariño? There is no doubt that this type of grape is a great ambassador of Galicia and once you reach this point of the Winter Way, you would have the opportunity to taste some of these famous wines of Atlantic character.

The Winter Way is one of the unknowing Caminos de Santiago. Certainly, this small alternative route has a large number of possibilities that makes it huge. Landscape, heritage and wine come together to offer you unique experiences.

So, if you like walk, the culture and exquisite wine, this is your Way! As you know, we are your Incoming Tour Operator and we organize every detail to offer you the best experience in Spain.