The Way of Saint James is a unique experience and doing it with our dog is the best personal experience.

In Spain Incoming as your incoming travel agency we help you to fulfill your dream: completing the Way of Saint James with your dog and without any worries.

Your Way: you and your dog

Your Way: you and your dog

Your Way: you and your dog

Although every day there are more dog-friendly hotels and restaurants, travelling with our pet is not as easy as it should be. When we are planning our holidays with our dog, we always search for the best options for both: hotels, restaurants, leisure….

Whenever we schedule a trip with our faithful companion, we look for spaces in which both we and them enjoy to the fullest.

In Spain Incoming we have vast experience in organizing the Way of Saint James since 2001 so we always give our customers the best options for walking the Camino with your little friend. Let us start by giving you the best tips for taking your dog on the Camino!

Before embarking on the Camino…

The Way of Saint James with dog

The Way of Saint James with dog

Walking the Camino requires a physical training for both you and your doggy! Therefore, we recommend you to start training with your dog a few months before walking on different paths: tarmac, dirt track, stony track…

In addition, just as we need suitable clothing and footwear to take care of our feet along the way, we must take care of our dog pads.

You must value what it is best for your dog before starting the Camino:

  • Canine boots
  • The most suitable products for moisturizing and taking care of its pads
  • Making sure of a proper deworm
  • Buying a waterproof dog collar

On the other hand, do not forget to consult terms and conditions for travelling with pets. They can vary from your country norms. First of all, in Spain, we must have the dog’s documentation up to date:

  • The pets’ official sanitary card
  • Its passport and microchip
The Way of Saint James with dog

The Way of Saint James with dog

Along the Way of Saint James, you also have to consider that along the Camino you will find more animals: taking precautions it is necessary; do not forget to carry a harness for your dog, just in case.

Finally, before you start walking, we will give you all the necessary documentation for the Camino and a Credential for both, the Pilgrim’s Passport: they have their own!!

You can see more about The Credential, the Pilgrim’s Passport 

The French Way from Sarria

French Way from Sarria

French Way from Sarria

We suggest to start the Camino in Sarria and walk the last 100 km of the Way of Saint James, where you will arrive on your own. You can consult us how to arrive to Sarria, Galicia. For example, if you arrive at the Santiago de Compostela airport, you have public transportation to Sarria or we can arrange a private transfer for both of you.

En route

  • Feeding

 Sarria is the starting point of your great adventure, remember that you should think about feeding your pet!

In our experience, you can take small amounts of feed to mix with food. Feed him and drink whenever. If not, it is advisable to feed at the end of each stage, before resting.

Although Galicia is considered “the country of the thousand rivers”, in the hottest months it is important that you bring water for both, both to drink and to refresh yourselves.

  • Rest

    The Way of Saint James with dog

    The Way of Saint James with dog

Your body will need free time to rest, during the Camino you will find many natural spots where you can relax or have a snack.

It is also highly recommended that you massage the paws of your little friend when you take breaks and at the end of each stage. As for accommodations, with Spain Incoming you will have the opportunity to sleep with your pet in the same room.

At the end of each stage, a charming accommodation awaits you in which the garden areas are essential in case your dog wants to be at his own pace.

On the other hand, do not forget to reward it! The Camino is an individual experience, your dog will also have his own and you will be a part of it, reward every day his effort!

At Santiago de Compostela

French Way - Santiago de Compostela

French Way – Santiago de Compostela

From Monte do Gozo you will see your goal: Santiago de Compostela. Once in this World Heritage City, you can visit until the last corner of the Historical Center, or simply to rest in the Plaza do Obradoiro and contemplate the Cathedral.

The entrance of your faithful friend to the Cathedral is not allowed, but we are sure that your pet will also enjoy the monumental squares that surround the Cathedral.

In addition, you must put at least 2 stamps a day in your both Credential during the Camino. With all the correct stamps, you can obtain your diploma, a physical memory of your adventure. In your case, you must go to the Pilgrim’s Office, there you will get the Compostela or other certificates.

In the case of your dog, you will have to go to the Asociación Protectora de Animáis do Camiño (APACA), located in Rúa Fontiñas, 27. After presenting your documentation and the canine credential, your dog will obtain its Diploma too.



Tell us your travel idea and we will adapt your trip for you. Thus, you will enjoy the Way of St. James to the fullest with your pet.

If you want to know more about the stages of the Way of St. James with dog do not hesitate to contact us at:

00 34 986 565 026