The Camino de Santiago is worldwide known and more and more pilgrims join to walk it. Therefore, I introduce you 5 basic eco- tips to enjoy the Camino de Santiago without damaging and contaminating the environment. So, help us to maintain a sustainable Camino!

After doing many times the French Way, the most popular route of the Way of Saint James, I can say that the Camino is more than a route to walk. The nature, each heritage sample, local people and other pilgrims make the Camino a unique route… people share with you the different ways of life…

The Way is ecofriendly

Although the Camino convey positive feelings, I admit that we have a lot to do in terms of preservation and protection of the Way, a World Heritage site. Making small things we could contribute more than you can imagine.

What do you say if we start with 5 simple steps? To start, I introduce you Camino Clean. It is a non-profit organization which organizes volunteer clean-up squads along different routes, especially along the Way of Saint James.

As a volunteer of Camino Clean I share with you this infographic. This way, you can also contribute to the sustainability of the Way!

Moreover, on the Camino Clean website, there is a space to collect information about irregularities along all the routes of the Camino in terms of sustainable. Then, the organization can solve it!

You can send any comments and photos here!

5 Eco-tips to experience sustainable Camino

5 Eco-tips to experience sustainable Camino


How about? If you have any proposal, do not hesitate to write to me or to Camino Clean. All together we can improve and take care of our heritage. In addition, I encourage you to share the 5 eco-tips to experience sustainable Camino.