More than 300,000 Compostelas were issued in 2018 and the number of Pilgrims who want this unique certificate when reaching Santiago the Compostela keeps growing.

During peak season there is always a huge line and sometimes pilgrims have to wait for more than 2 hours to get their Compostela. Therefore, and looking into the Holy Year 2021 the Pilgrims’s Office installed a new Compostela Queuing System to organize and minimize the queuing times.

How does the new queuing system works

Once you make it to the Pilgrims office in Rua Carretas 33, you can enter and get your ticket in the machine right in the entrance. The ticket machine has different language options so you will get assisted in the correct language.

Ticket machine

The ticket

The ticket has your waiting number and QR code

The ticket

Waiting options

Once you have your ticket you have to options:

  • You can stay in the waiting area at the Pilgrims’ Office and check the screens to know when it is your turn and the table number where you will get your Certificate.

Screen – number and table

  • Scan the QR code from your ticket with a smartphone and keep updating it to know when your turn is approaching. Once you get back you can check the screens and get your certificate when they call your number.

QR scan results: your number and current number

Please, be patient with the new system and the waiting time. Respect your number and do not cause a no show.