We are sending you an update on the Summer Strikes in Spain and Portugal :

The Spanish Railway Company keeps the dates for its strike: August 14th, August 30th and September 1st. The Barcelona Prat Airport security personnel called a 24h indefinite strike from today on. Portugal faces a new strike: fuel-tanker drivers are threatening to strike from August 12th.


The four-day strike called by the CGT union for July 31st, August 14th, August 30th and September 1st has not been called off yet.


The Barcelona Prat airport is under a new strike: the security personnel called 24h indefinite strike from today since they did not reach an agreement with the company to improve their working conditions.

The Spanish government has set the minimum services for the Barcelona airport security and surveillance staff strike at 90%. However, the strike committee advisor, Juan Carlos Giménez, told the Catalan News Agency that the minimum services will be impossible to fulfill, as it will mean asking workers who are either sick or on holiday to come into work.

Therefore, if you are travelling from the El Prat airport make sure you go with extra time since the queues are expected.


The fuel-tanker drivers, who are pursuing higher wages and better working conditions, are threatening to strike from August 12th.  They staged a four-day strike in April, in the middle of Easter week, causing low supplies at more than 2,000 fuel stations that panicked motorists.

Due to the magnitude of the strike, the Portuguese Government today declared the state of energy emergency in a preventive manner for which it established minimum services of between 50 and 100%.

  • 100% for priority services, such as airports, ports, security and military services, firefighters, medication transport, medical emergencies and other health services, as well as the network of emergency supply posts should be secured.
  • 75% for public transport
  • 50% for citizens who can refuel a maximum of 15 liters each time

We will keep you informed about any further updates on these strikes’ situation.