Restoration has a price

/Restoration has a price

Restoration has a price

The restoration works at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela keep going to have everything ready for Xacobeo 2021. As we mentioned before, the Façade and Portico de la Gloria works finished during Summer and we can admire the amazing results. However, get ready for some payments.

Cathedral visits: booking and price

  • The Cathedral adopted a new booking system for some areas where payments are required.
  • Entrance for individuals is still free.
  • Pilgrims fully accredited will enjoy a reduced ticket.
  • Groups have to book directly with the Cathedral.

Areas to book ahead

  • Cathedral Tribune: Guided tour through the Portico de la Gloria + free visit to the Museum.
  • Cathedral Roof : Guided tour of the Cathedral Roof.
  • Museum: Access to the Permanent Museum Collection.
  • Combined tour: Guided tour of the Cathedral Roof + unguided visit to the Permanent Museum Collection.
  • Cathedral Excavations: Guided tour of the archaeological excavations.

The Botafumeiro

The inside of the Cathedral is still under restoration work. Due to this works, one of the Cathedrals most iconic symbol, The Botafumeiro, would stop swinging for an undetermined period of time. Bookings would be closed on 1/12/2018.

Main Altar and Botafumeiro in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela


For further information, please visit the Cathedral’s Official Bookings website.