As we announced at the begging of 2019, the restoration works of the Cathedral, with the horizon set in the 2021 Holy Year, are proceeding at full speed. Now it is time to work on the restoration of the cloister and the Treasure Tower of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. 


According to the planned plan, the workers began this week to install the scaffolding on the facade of the cloister building, next to the Platerías Square. This part of the restoration works needs a very careful treatment and contemplates: the rehabilitation of the eastern frontispiece and the Treasure Tower (towards the Platerías Square), and the north area of the structure, which is accessed from inside of the building.

On the exterior surface, regular cleaning and restoration works will be carried out on facades. There will also be works to clean the roof, executing a new wooden structure and renovating the tile roof.


While the restoration of the cloiters starts, the works of inside of the Cathedral and the rooftops keep going. Both parts are completely covered by scaffolding. One of the main objectives of both projects is to eliminate the problem of leaks and humidity. These works began in January, leaving the Basilica without worship and visits to the rooftops, and are scheduled to last at least until January 2020. next year. At the same time, progress is being made in drafting the project of the Main Chapel, which will include the recovery of the paintings of the vaults and the restoration of the golds of the canopy, as well as the goldsmith’s work.


On the other hand, the restoration of the stairway of the Obradoiro façade and the crypt will start in Autumn 2019. These will last at least 16 months.


For further details, you can contact us.