Many people think that the work of Gaudí is only in Barcelona, ​​but it turns out that we can see works by this great artist in other locations along the Camino de Santiago.

Capricho de Comillas – Cantabria – North Way

Along the North Way you will discover amazing landscapes, charming fishing villages and vibrating cities like Bilbao, Santander or Gijón. But it is in the Comillas Villages where you can visit one the works of Gaudí outside Barcelona: El Capricho Villa.

Capricho de Comillas © Jim Anzalone

Capricho de Comillas © Jim Anzalone

El Capricho is a modernist villa designed by Gaudí and was built during 1883 and 1885. The first purpose of the villa was being the Summer home of a client: Máximo Díaz de Quijano.

El Capricho belongs to Gaudí’s orientalist period. During 5 years he was inspired by India, Japón and Persia but also by the Islamic art and a bit of all them can be admired in this Villa.

Besides being abandoned during the Spanish Civil War it was restored in 1988 and during a few years housed a restaurant. Nowadays, El Capricho is a Museum.

Palacio Episcopal – Astorga – French Way

Astorga is one the cities that, you will enjoy when doing the French Way. Astorga is part of the Magaratería, an ancient historical region of the Spanish Province of León. A city full of history and flavours. Smells like chocolate, mantecados (butter cakes) and cocido maragato ( a traditional stew).

The Palacio Episcopal was the second building of Gaudí outside of Barcelona. Since the Episcopal Palace of Astorga was fulled destroyed after a fire in 1886 and the city did not have a diocesan architect the bisp decided the the Episcopal Palace to his friend Gaudí. The new Episcopal Palace was built during 1889 and 1915.

Palacio Episcopal, Astorga

Palacio Episcopal, Astorga

The Palace has a neogothic medieval design that calls everyone attention. Since 1962 houses the Caminos de Santiago Museum. Definitely, worth to visit.

Casa Botines – León – French Way

León is one of the cities that you will have the opportunity to visit along the French Way. A historical city full life and with amazing restaurants to indulge your paladar during your Camino.

The Casa Botines is the third building of Gaudí outside Barcelona, a magnificent modernist building designed during his neogothic period. When he was finishing the Palacio Episcopal in Astorga his patron Güell asked him to design a house in the Center of León for Simón Fernández and Mariano Andrés, who bought fabrics from him. The building name comes from the former owner of the company: Joan Homs i Botinàs.

Casa Botines and Los Guzmanes Palace

Casa Botines and Los Guzmanes Palace

The building served during years as a residential building with a warehouse. Later, it was adapted to be the headquarters of Caja de España, a savings bank. Nowadays, the Casa Botines is a Museum.