Few days ago, we published a post about where to sleep on the Camino. Today, we write about some historic and charming accommodations along the Way. Unique hotels to make your stay as memorable as possible. Read on!

The Way of Saint James, is a unique experience; troubles evaporate while walking, pilgrims like you share their experiences, local people will give you the best feelings…

Moreover, after walking each stage you will find unique hotels, historic buildings that today hosts pilgrims and visitors.

Continue reading and discover unique hotels were you could stay if you walk the Camino.

Historic accommodations along the Way of St James

French Way – San Zoilo Monastery

Historic accommodations

San Zoilo Monastery

This first historic building is the Monastery of San Zoilo, from the 11th-12th centuries. It is located in Carrión de los Condes  in the province of Palencia, Spain. Ancient pilgrims on the French Way used to stop here since it was a hospital.

Today, the building is the Hotel Real Monasterio San Zoilo. Due to its great value, the San Zoilo Monastery was in included a “Retrospective Inventory – Associated Components”, part of the World Heritage sites, in 2015.

Moreover, the hotel offer quality services and an environment full of peace and tranquility.

French Way – Rectory houses in Galicia: Lestedo

Charming accommodations Way of St James

Rectory House of Lestedo

Second, these old buildings called “rectory houses”  where linked to the ecclesiastical power. Rectory houses are large houses, from where the rural clergy managed the divine affairs and lands. In Galicia you can find large number of these houses since in the past Galicia would not be understood without the church and the power of the priest.

Rectory house of Lestedo

This Rectory house was also property of the church and now hosts pilgrims of the French Way. It is located in the village of Palas de Rei. The current owners rebuild it decade ago and now ypu can enjoy the comfort. The new building has traditional and avant-garde architecture resulting in a beautiful rural house.

French Way – Cistercian Abbey Inn of “Ntra. Sra. de la Anunciación in Santo Domingo de la Calzada”

Hotels Way of Saint james

Santo Domingo de la Calzada

This 78-room hotel is located in the Abbey of “Ntra. Sra. de la Anunciación in Santo Domingo de la Calzada” from the XVII century. The French Way passes through this village of the La Rioja Province, Spain.

The abbey is also a center of spirituality and tranquility. Those who wish to have a few days of silence and reflection, such as prayer groups, youth gatherings, workshops, retreats, spiritual exercises, etc. this accommodation is their perfect option.

Portuguese Way – Pousadas in Portugal: Valença do Minho 

Way of Saint James

Village of Valença do Miño

Finally, there are the Pousadas of Portugal. It is a Portuguese chain of luxury historic hotels, created in the 1940s.  This type of accommodations are like the Paradores in Spain. There is a total of 44 pousadas installed in historic buildings. This group is owned by the Portuguese State and is managed by a private group, the Pestana Pousadas Group.

Pousada Valença do Minho

This pousada is located in the border between Spain and Portugal, in the Portuguese border town of Valença do Minho. The Portuguese Way runs along this village too.

Pousada Valença do Minho is located inside the fortress of Valença which dates from the 13th century and is a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage. The accommodation offers wonderful views over the river Minho and Tui Cathedral.


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